Mobile digital audio recording service in Milton Keynes UK


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I run a mobile recording service and usually aim to record your current rehearsal space (provided the owner/manager doesn't mind!). I can also book local rooms on your behalf for tracking, if required.

Editing and mixing will be done at my own premises, and then I'll host the files on a user's page here so you can log in and listen. You can then make comments in a private section so we can discuss any changes you require.

All multitrack stem files will be provided back to you and I will also provide a mastered version of the recordings for you to compare with commercial material. The final mix will also be supplied to you un-mastered as 24bit stereo files for mastering elsewhere.

I won't however, burn anything to disc from now on... Test mix CD's invariably end up in landfill sites as the medium is non recyclable.

Please use the CONTACT page for correspondence.

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